The 20 year rule dream..

I am believer. I am a jubilee supporter. I believe in Uhuruto’s presidency and I voted for them. Kenya has struggled for the past half a century with tribal sycophancy where the rule of numbers determines whose children play in  the beautifully manicured lawns of State House. According to my president, Jubilee will be in power for the next two decades. I tend to disagree.

the above means that Ruto and Uhuru will have to be together, bearing in mind that their communities have to be behind them for them to realize the above. Why do I place Ruto first? That’s a question for another day.For the above to become a reality, the likes of Alfred Keter who are part of government should be satisfied with the governments administration if they are to support its agenda to common voters. Kenyan politics is a game of survival whatever the means. There is also the question of betrayal that’s so real in this arena. Ruto, being ambitious and a politician, the likelihood of him waiting for the Kikuyu vote in 2022 is not likely. He harbors presidential dreams and as canning as he is, I don’t think he can wait that long.


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