This President..

   “Those who get in power with difficulty rule with ease and those who get in with ease rule with difficulties..”

This saying defined another ruling but not the Kenyan one…
   March was finally here. Five years defined by tribulations, spotlight, negativity, blood…were finally coming to a conclusive end. Through the ballot a future would be defined, a beginning, a promise to a better five years down the line. Kenyans with baited breath had waited for this day. Prayed for it, dreamt about it, looked forward to it, some had cursed it but some hoped it was a gift full of blessings. One of the hopefuls was Uhuru Kenyatta.
    Beside his name would be that of William Ruto, a friend and together they would be seeking to prove to Westerners that Kenyans had a mind of their own. They didn’t need the international community or the ICC (yes, the ICC) to decide who would lead them henceforth.. Cases were filed in court seeking to block the two from being in the ballot but they persevered. The ICC defined their campaigns, their opponents used it as a tool to define their characters but they stayed on. The opponents posed to Kenyans “how can you trust a hyena to safeguard your piece of meat, or even to graze your goat?” Some answered “through faith.”  In the end they won to the amazement of many. That marked a start of a journey that would be filled by trials and difficulty. Immediately after announcement of their victory, as expected, a case was filed at the supreme court challenging their victory. Kenyans were to wait for two weeks, a fortnight to know the court’s verdict. Adding this to the one week they had waited for results, this was torture. The country was divided at the middle. Difference of opinions, expectations, prayers,, defined the mood. Then, we had three presidents: the sitting president (Mwai Kibaki), the president elect, (Uhuru Kenyatta) and the hopeful president (Raila Odinga).
Uhuruto emerged victorious. Again.
   To welcome him to state house, strikes were announced all over, teachers, dons, doctors..everyone wanted something more. His government was accused of sleeping on the job yet they hadn’t even lay on the bed. Mutula Kilonzo the senator for Makueni then passed on. The country was in shock. Such a promising leader and brilliant lawyer gone?  No. Rumours of the government’s involvement got viral on social media. It was not easy being president then. But the two strongly held the country’s steering wheel. Thereafter the cost of living skyrocketed. VAT demanded for something from everything. Viciously the opposition attacked the government. Then the mps did the unthinkable, they increased their allowances. In the mix Duale said Kenyans were the greedy ones..they were referred to as mpigs. There was outcry from all over. How could they? The government had to balance. The president had to take a stand. Support the elected or the electorate who put him in office. He chose the latter..a wise move. It was a plus in their score card.
   Problems after problems continue to haunt Uhuruto’s presidency but

they keep on keeping on. Discontent among some URP members led by Nandi Hills mp who claim they got a raw deal doesn’t make things easier. I believe war is what defines victors and the best of soldiers. Its absence would put everyone on the same level whereas some are better than others. Uhuru is a brave soldier. Threats of sanctions and minimal association from donors with Nairobi didn’t stop him from ascending to the presidency. An ICC tag on him and his deputy, the civil society, couldn’t stop him either.
   To some, he was trying to prove he was his own man and ultimately he did. He became his own president. Anyone who undermines his abilities is in for a surprise. Who thought the ICC two would be walking in the corridors of state house? Few were certain of the possibility. Many just believed.. Currently he arises to be the most influential African president. He is a leader. He is unstoppable. He is a victor.


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