The world starves..


   Helpless, the world looks on. Herds drop dead to the after life every day nothing changing, no forthcoming hope..just helplessness and despair. Africa suffers because of a monster sired decades ago by the industrialized. Drought is on everyone’s lips. What are the underlying causes?

   First and foremost, a drop in the average amount of rainfall received in a particular region as compared to an earlier recorded amount is what is reffered to as drought. The drop then results to a drop in water levels in streams, rivers, boreholes and other water catchment areas. This drastically reduces amount of water available for domestic and commercial use. Inadequate water for farming and irrigation causes agricultural drought whereby expected yields from farm lands take a downward connotation. Unavailability of food and water is the aftermath of the condition.

   What causes drought or better still what accelerates drought occurrence conditions?


1) Continued pollution. More specifically uncontrolled release of GHGs into the atmosphere whose result is climate change and global warming.
2) Unchecked increase in population. This increases the numbers of people exposed to a drought disaster in the event it occurs. The most affected and vulnerable are children and in these large families, their numbers are highest.
3) Overutilization of natural resources. These include water catchment areas, pastoral lands, forests e.t.c. This means that in the event drought strikes, these very important resources won’t be available for use.
4) Encroachment on protected areas in search for agricultural land whose need arises due to increased population like forests and water catchment regions. This leads to their destruction rendering them useless in the hour of need.
5) Overstocking in the case of pastoral communities which renders more and more stocks vulnerable in the event of a drought. This means more livestock is exposed to likely death due to lack of pasture and water.
Overstocking also leads to the tragedy of commons that goes hand in hand  with land degradation.

What should be done about the above menace?


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