These Test Tube Contestants..

  The world dreams of youthful leadership taking the mantles of management in all corners but MMUST Student Leadership continues to disappoint. Driven by excessive hunger to control, unrealistic ambitions and a mind blowing attitude to be at the helm of power haunts students day in day out. Led by the likes of Levy Aliya who has the guts to deny candidature to willing and able students at the excuse of supporting one of their own is sorry, misinformed and immature. I hold nothing against the man. But what does this fourth year computer science student has to offer the students? He had his chance to prove himself by providing visionary and dedicated leadership. Did he deliver?? His term is gone he should let us choose leaders who we think can deliver not forcing some down our throats.
   Politics is a game of numbers. That’s true and I can’t challenge that. But does this mean that we should stoop too low and seek support from tribal alliances whose agenda is unknown to the majority of us? Why don’t we contest on the basis of realistic, student focussed, promising manifestos?
   A university is the highest institution of learning on the land. By being here one becomes an intellectual who should be critical of ideas on the basis of how good or unrealistic they are. What difference are we from villagers in the most remote parts of Kenya who believe that the only way to succeed lies on the basis of one belonging to a particular tribal grouping?


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