Tracking Access to emergency Contraception in Kenya


   Kenya has an estimated population of 43.013 million of which 50% lives in poverty. Among currently married women, the need for contraception is 25.6%. Modern contraception however is in use among 28% of all women.
   According to the 2008~09 DHS study, women who have had access to formal education are more likey to have knowledge of modern contraception compared to those who haven’t. Secondary analysis indicates that 5.51% of never married women have had access to emergency contraception compared to 1.25% of Married women.


  Emergency Contraception is included in the National Family Planning Guidelines for Service Providers. Its available in clinics both government and private and also in pharmacies.
  Women can obtain EC from all health systems including hospitals, health centres, maternity homes, private clinics, pharmacies and also in chemists.
   Access to EC is also provided as part of post rape care counselling and services. It’s also included in the National Guidelines on Management of Survivors of Sexual Violence.


   However, poor quality and counterfeit ECPs are a problem in the country. This is a cause for exercising caution when searching for the drug in drug stores.


EC has been available over the counter since the 1990s. The 2009 DHS shows that 42% of the current contraceptive users obtain the drugs from private enterprises.

Courtesy of Ipas Kenya.


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