Abortion..Is It Really Right?

   Assuming you’re a medical practitioner, and a patient is brought to you bleeding and in unspeakable pain and anguish. Its a case of an attempted abortion gone wrong. What would you do?
   Also, look at this scenario, a school girl(s) aged 12 years is/are brought to you having been raped and unfortunately conception has taken place. Can she have a safe CS? Does she have enough strength to give birth naturally? Can she even sustain the pregnancy for 9 months?
   World research concludes that the most significant underlying factor that results to teenage pregnancy is poverty. Can the 12 year old feed and adequately take care of the baby after birth? If she has able parents she might. What if she doesn’t? What if the parents want nothing to do with the pregnancy? She can’t support herself obviously.. What would be your course of action?
   World population increases by the second but available resources never increase with an inch. Poverty is the resultant reaction ( science says that for every action is an equal and opposite reaction). Social crimes like robbery with violence, prostitution, rape and the ilk have taken an upwards surge as a result. Unplanned pregnancies…
   Someone says and I quote ”
I am soooo tired of hearing the newspeak term “reproductive health,” used as a synonym for murder of the unborn. Is the health of the infant worthy of even a footnote in such conversations? It isn’t an ovarian cyst that is being removed during this satanic procedure! It has nothing to do with health.
Until and unless the human race has the moral authority to decide when a being with human DNA becomes a human being, we ought to err on the side of morality and not kill it for convenience. There is no difference between an unborn child and one who has been born except for location. It is legal to kill one through dismemberment (“partial birth abortion”), but first degree murder to deliberately kill it when it is no longer “partially” born. What nonsense.”
   Methinks that this kind of reasoning is the same one an ostrich holds when it decides to burry its head in sand after noticing that the bush is burning. The pro life human race assumes that unsafe abortion isn’t happening. It’s living in denial. Why do I say this? According to WHO,  21.6 million women experience an unsafe
abortion worldwide each year; 18.5 million of these occur in developing countries; 47 000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion each year and finally Deaths due to unsafe abortion remain close
to 13% of all maternal deaths.
  Abortion is wrong, no one says its the way to go. But is it happening? Are girls procuring the same from untrained ‘professionals’ who put their life in danger?
   Taking preventive measures like family planning pills is a better way but what if the circumstances are completely uncontrollable like the incidences of rape? What if the pills fail? Then abstain!!! Can you?
Lives continue to be lost as a result of unsafe abortion. Why not advocate for it to be made safer because it is happening? Should we allow our productive young ladies to continue dying just because we have such a moral high standing that we can’t even harbour the thought of one of our own going through an abortion?

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