Student deaths in swimming pools..

   Kenyans On Twitter have viciously attacked the St. Georges Girls High School administration in Nairobi over what they termed as negligence and hard headedness over the death of a form two student in a swimming pool, one Yvonne Narocho


termed as an experienced swimmer who had been swimming since she was 6.
   In the company of around 20 girls, the form two student drowned without an alarm signal from the others. Isn’t this suspicious? They were taking swimming lessons, which means that an instructor was supposed to be present. Was he/she available in the first place? If he/she was what was he doing when this beautiful young lady lost her life? Why is the school saying that she died on arrival at Nairobi Women’s Hospital yet drowning reports are all over the case.
   What is drowning? My dictionary says that it is to kill by submerging and suffocating in water or another liquid. What does this mean? This means that she died in the pool not on at the hospital as the school is suggesting. If the above is true, wasn’t that supposed to be a crime scene? Why did the school interfere?
   #JusticeForYvonneNarocho continues to trend on Twitter and you can give your views on the same.
   Swimming tragedies have been on the rise recently mostly affecting students. In February a 21 year old university student drowned at a swimming pool owned by the Deep Sea hotel.
Eugene Wafula, a second year student of Bachelor of Arts in
Information Science at Moi University’s Narok campus visited the Hotel to meet
his friends thereafter meeting his death at the hotel’s swimming pool.
  Last weekend, on Saturday a first year student at Masinde Muliro University drowned in a swimming pool owned by Savonna Cottages In Kakamega.
  The same questions continue to come up. Where are life saving guards when these promising young minds disappear into oblivion never to be seen again?

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