Beings Of The Air,

Waking up to their beautiful refrains,
Trilling to welcome a new dawning,
From branchlets to tendrils,
Gamboling, up in the skies,
In their beautiful custom, they vex ’bout nothing.

Nature is their nourisher, their provider,
Creatures of the air, in their uniqueness,
Take, but give back through the beauty of tulips and roses,
Their dissimilarity; nature’s floweriness’

We enervate ratiocinative ’bout tomorrow,
But birds find it creditable nature will provide,
We slash our wrists in impetuosity,
But the birds are always vocalizing in solemnization,

Prompted to think they have a glimpse of tomorrow,
For so content they seem,
As if they discern what the next minute holds.

By; N. Kennedy. M.


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