The Real Truth Behind The Masinde Muliro Riots


   The exam week is finally here. Busy, most students with exam cards are indoors preparing for the exams. Inside most of their minds are the troubles they have undergone to be where they are. Some of these issues can be found here(This Mmust). Its a do or die moment for them as they aim to do everything earthly possible to excel
   Another group, however exists. One that is enraged by the mode through which the administration is running the university. This batch hasn’t yet acquired the exam cards which are key if you have to sit for any exam.
   Having cleared their fee balances, they expect service delivery to be flawless and they also expect exam card issuance to be in time for them to sit the important papers.
   Two weeks ago, the students elected Student Governing Council members. The exercise was marred by incidents of violence and malpractices which led the results to be announced a week later. Upto date, some haven’t accepted the results yet.
  Some still feel shortchanged.
   It’s finally Monday morning and the exams are supposed to start by 9 am. Many students haven’t acquired the relevant documents yet they have every right to have acquired the same.
  The exams eventually kick off but many aren’t in the exam rooms yet. This makes many deraged. To add salt to their woes, the administration can’t give any explanations about the reason for the delay in exam card issuance.
   The enraged students then seek an audience with the new Vice Chancellor Prof. Otieno but instead of him addressing their concerns, he goes ahead and calls for police presence in the university.
   The peaciful request by the students now deteroriates to chaos, stone throwing and running battles with the police. Teargas canisters are thrown everywhere and together with the rubber bullets being fired, the police finally manage to chase the students out of university premises.
   Once the students get out, the boda boda operators seem to be in support of the police and in the chaos two motorbikes are set ablaze by the now violent students.
   They then block the Kakamega Webuye highway causing a paralysis of any form of transport on the road.
   The situation is deteroriating fast, many students have been hacked by these motorbike operatives, ladies raped and some students are rumoured to be dead. One student has been rushed to hospital having been burnt with boiling water.
   This sees the releasing of a memo demanding all students to vacate university hostels by 7.30pm Monday evening. Although the memo is signed by the senate, its accuracy and truth is questioned by many which causes more confusion.
   Where do we run to at 8pm in the night? Outside campus is very dangerous…this is the question in many minds of the students residing in campus most of whom are first years.
   Boda boda operatives are forcing their entry into lady hosts and doing unspeakable things to the young ladies.. The police aren’t helping the situation in any way. They are waiting for windows to be broken for them to throw teargas canisters inside the residential places.
   When did it become acceptable for police to be in cohorts with hooligans and attack students. When did it become acceptable for them to combine forces? Mak you, the students were just demonstrating peacifully until the police started attacking them.
   The gas is chocking many and its an issue of running for ones life. The students are running away from police only to run into boda boda operators who are armed with machetes. They are slashing anyone they suspect to be a student… They even have guts to enter into students’ rooms and attack peaciful students who have nothing to do with what’s happening just a few yards away.
   The night rages on…
    The students fight on…
    They have to survive…
     They have to be safe…
    Casualties increase…
Its a warpath. Fortunately the rain cools down the rising temperatures an inch..

It’s Tuesday. Those residing in campus are chased out like dogs by the police being deployed to the school.
   Ward 5 and 6 in Kakamega PGH provide the scene and proof of what transpired the previous night.
   The hospital can’t confirm the rape cases or cases of those dead. However, a worker at the hospital says that those dead are about 4. The morgue only has one body of a student. One is then tempted to ask, where are the other 3 bodies? Rumours of the number of those dead being more than 4 can’t escape the ears.
   While most media outlets are talking of 12 casualties, the number of the injured is more than 50…
   Demanding for a basic right, to sit for exams, becomes this bloody..
Is it right?


25 responses to “The Real Truth Behind The Masinde Muliro Riots

  1. Seriously?why would these boda bodas attack unarmed students?We students have the right to sit for exams coz we pay for them,its not like we should beg!!!

  2. you had started very well until you started blaming the police, as a former student in MMUST and now in police, I know police dont just arrive without being called.
    deal with those “pota pota” whatever and dont blame the police, unless they arbitrary killed or raped. The problem with boda started since our time, I remember in 2008 we had running battles involving those primitive men. You can punish them by mobilizing the students not to give them business and see where they will get the energy to fight you. I totally feel with you because my sister is a third year in MMUST.

    • The boda boda operators are mostly to blame. The problem is that the police joined forces with them. That’s the main issue I have with the police.

    • Are you saying this coz u joined the police force?the police handled the whole affair without proffessionalism and that is why the unschooled pota pota hooligans as u put it thought it wise to join hands with them.we have a police force large enough to have been deployed not only to manage the students but also handle the rogue pota pota idiots.i feel unsafe being Kenyan if what we have is a force that gets support from useless idlers.had it been your daughter that was raped,wud u have thought the the way you just did?or you who got burnt?if u didnt get the damn exam card wud u have graduated?n joined the force?for a moment be impartial,be a kawaida Kenyan n ul see how it feels like when you have no one to fight for you.the pota guys are definately bitter that they never made it to the gates of university….thats the issue.but thats not my damn problem.they would have tried harder..stupid hooligans

  3. Sometimes despite the grievances by the students thy need to demonstrate within the campus coz any tym you go byond the campus gate it stops being a campus issue en u start now interferring with the public.For example in UoN lights go off en thy go out stoning innocent pples cars as is hao ndio wamezima stima… a graduate myself bt i got to say students also got to style up how they handle there supporting wat boda boda pple do bt kama ilibidi students watupe mawe na kuchapa watu then beat you VC and your lecturers bt dnt xpct to mess up with the public and not getting anythng in return.Sorry for those who were injured in process may the gud Lord b with bt i hope a lesson has been learnt.

    • The boda boda guys entered university premises. That’s where they injured some students. Who allowed this to happen? That’s the question we are asking. They attacked some of us INSIDE campus.

  4. I feel sorry for our departed and injured friends…Justice prevail.Let’s unite to starve this bodas

  5. The grievances leading to the strike was more than the exam cards issue. Heard on side of the story from one of the student who was infront of the exams office that the Chairman, legitimate/illegitimate, came to take note of their concerns before proceeding to the admin and he was stoned(with guys chanting his rivals name in the previous elections).
    Minutes later the Chairman came out with the two DVs with a memo allowing students who cleared their fees and had exam cards or the prerequisite receipts to be allowed to sit for the exams.

    Probably since the exam cards wasn’t the underlying issue, the chants continued, followed by stoning of the VC’s office with some guys forcing their entry into the office. Maybe thats when the police were called in and the whole student community absorbed into the strike.
    Unfortunately since a greater majority of the students were polarized into tribal cocoons after the students body elections, it was rather easy for the boda boda guys on that day.
    And the first years were the biggest culprits in those attacks. Like one passing where those boda guys were, quite unaware.
    What was sickening on the strike issue was the police sanctioned the attacks on students by the boda boda guys. Ask comrades living in Lurambi. Like there a rental/hostel, next to Alpha hotel, where those boda people entered (and polce were outside on the highway) beating up people and a room was burnt, with blessings from the police.

  6. Very sad in deed! But did these students have to burn motorbikes belonging to these “hooligans”? Couldnt they just deal straight with the university administration and the police? Hooliganism sired hooliganism.

  7. waa!!!!!!!!! management by crisis at the university. the administration should be answerable to injured scholars and the security officers should develop new tactics of solving crisis in kenya not ‘ hide and seek game!’

  8. all have been said it’s the truth, but. why is it that the community around MMUST is engraved in resentment and envy when they see a student, and their most opportunity to strike from their cold and warming anger is when we are vulnerable (especially attacking ladies)? is it the savage culture that is dominating their civilized culture or is it that they have never been students in any particular stage in life

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