The sun sets,


The sun sets on you, fellow comrades but the fight you started will keep on.

Away you may be, but the fire you ignited can’t and won’t be extinguished until underlying issues are addressed.

Lupita said that our dreams are valid and truly they are. Anyone standing in the path of this unwavering wave of reform will have to step aside or be drowned by the waters.

The fight will keep on.

Let me repost this poem in your honor.

Ultimately the horizon enfolds the golden ball,
Hazy rays, well defined,
Unceasingly illuminate,

As she says Au Revoir,
As she strives, her hand to wave,
The glow from her eyes seems to etiolate,
She seems drained; she appears primed,
To curvet and embark on her pilgrimage,
Wayfaring to a world, uknown.

To those she leaves behind,
The color from her face debilitated,
As torturous as it is, we have to let go,
To try and subsist in the wintry,
Rusticate to our sheds and hope.

“She” refers to you all fallen soldiers. Fare thee well.


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