This Angel of Death..


Merciless this Angel is,
For in the darkest of nights he knocks,
To take away our most beloved,
In pain and desperation leaving us lifeless,
To him, he is giving them a rest,
He is taking them to somewhere safer through death,
Resettling them from the uncomfortable world bed,
And up in the skies settle them,
In an everlasting comfortable nest,
From where they can just watch and bless,
And guide the paths of those left behind.

Fare thee well comrades. The fight for better service delivery will continue burning within us who were left behind.

May God grant you rest wherever you are. All that you were fighting for will one day become realized.

Our dreams are valid, so said Lupita and truly they are. Anyone standing in the way of their realization will have to step aside and allow this unwavering wave to take its course.


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