Our Lost Heritage…


The beautiful snow shone,
Each day gone, every single dawn,
Dilating at the caps of mountains,
Conveying out a sight, unforgettable.

Days went and snow melt,
The beauty can no longer be felt,
All that is left are patches of dark rock,
Juxtaposing to what it was once, it’s a mock…

The temperatures flew sky high,
And in the process mutilating her beauty,
Should we recriminate the heat? The human race?
I opt to take it out on the latter.

The aerosols, the methane, the sprays,
Each day we release searching for solace,
In the sand we burry our heads,
At bay we sit oblivious of the many we mutilate.

Our snow banks, almost gone,
Her awe-inspiring diminishing by the minute,
Water towers draining, rain ceasing,
Looking up she continues to bleed.

By; N. Kennedy. M.


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