Mmust..The aftermath..


  With everyone scattered everywhere, the situation around campus looks calm. However calm must not be mistaken with submission. Many are hurting from wounds inflicted during the stampede, some of our sisters, fellow comrades and girlfriends are nursing emotional wounds that will haunt them times with no end…
   Rumours and versions of the cause of all the violence are everywhere. Some say it was politically instigated, others say it was a ploy by university employees to punish the VC, others it was a ploy by the university to source funds to pay university lecturers…
   The stories go on. One thing however is clear. Every comrade accepts that many were hurt and are still hurting. Thats unacceptable. Issues have to be addressed.
   Then the senate had a session on Thursday and came up with a 2000 shilling damage cost for every student. With an estimated 12 thousand students, that amounts to 24,000,000 shillings. REALLY? What’s so expensive that these funds will pay for? A comrade and a friend looks at it this way and I quote..
“As a kenyan citizen, comrade and a critical thinker have come to the conclusion that the Rampage (not strike) was a premeditated affair which was well orchestrated by a few individuals and classically executed all with the admin
intentions of charging damages to all comrades. Take it to Muramati sacco, the ksh 2,000 the admin set as damages is all
bt a cover up to meet the last tranche of the collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
of 2012 which the Govt signed with UASU and KUSU. We all know recently that the dons went on strike for the sole purpose of not being paid the last tranche of ksh 3.9 billion which was allocated equitably to all public universities.
   The Govt disbursed ths last tranche of monies last yr september bt up to date the lecs have never received a single dime, public univ VCs claimed
tht the monies were used for devt projects,hiring new employees, clearly negating the purpose for which it was
   The main reason the strike was called off, the deal being brokered by DP Ruto, was tht the VCs assured the dons that they would receive their pay of which they didnt knw
where the cash would be sourced. For us to go on a rampage and a damages of Ksh
2,000 slapped on us, thts a win-lose situation.
   Knowing clearly which side of the divide we are, this attempt of drying the comrades coffers all to make the lecturers happy,must be resisted by all legal and constitutional means.
   In totality the ksh 24,000,000 is a plus for the admin to settle the current stalemate with the lecturers. Lets be critical abt this matter and instead of Student leaders complaining how they were never consulted, they should go to the courts’ corridors under the certificate of urgency and argue out the following;
1. Ensure that no comrade is victimized by being suspended, expelled or otherwise.
2.All comrades to be back in session by 2/4/2014 ths business of staggering resuming dates is a ploy to neutralise “comrade power”.
3. Exams to resume immediately after the comrades have settled.

Obare Raymond.”
He brings out a strong argument. Why stagger lecture resumption dates? Why pay 2000 for non existent damage? ( Students were chased out of campus by police so mich of the demonstration took place off campus grounds).
Think About It.
… be continued.


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