Sunday Sermon

Genesis 32


Its about intensive worship asking for God’s intervention. Its a longing for God’s presence. Surrendering and worshiping.

John 4; Jesus told the Samaritan woman that God is a spirit and anyone worshipping must do it in truth and Spirit.

When Jesus was in Calvary, the veil had to tear from top to bottom to provide an entrance to allow for worship anytime anywhere. It gave accesibility to God.

When Jesus was in Gethsemane, praying, he said that if it was Gods will for him to die that’s what would happen.

During tribulations we have to allow for God’s will to be established into our lives. Its all about surrender.

Mathew 6: 25~26, 31. We worry too much about tomorrow but Jesus asks us to worry not. He has taken care of the birds of the air. How can we worry when he still liveth?

We have to first accept the kingdom and all else will follow. We have to surrender everything to gain what we desire. Abraham had been childless even in old age. Hehad to build an alter for a child to come. Sarah’s persuation brought forth Ishmail. Little did Abraham know the plans God had for him.

Moses went from a palace to the desert to look after sheep and goats. What a contrast. In this desert God appears to him. Even while in the palace, the Word was still within him. It is that which opened his eyes for him to see the tribulations of his people.
In the wilderness Moses had nothing. But in his veins, his mothers’ blood flowed within him. That was his strength.

Through our prayers we should always say “Let God’s will be done”.

We build alters when a red flag appears within the horizon. The likes of Paul and Silas in prison had to sing praises for God to rescue them.

Gideon had only 300 men. He had to offfer a sacrifice to win the bate.

Jacob had plans and schemes for his life. He was a man on the run. So much was happening in his life. He had nothing except for a stuff. Just like Moses had when he was leading the Israelites.

The situation is too hard. Life is so trying. Just stand still and look upon the heavens. For that’s where lies God’s glory.

Back home Jacob had everything. But how could he go back and face Esau whose blessings he had stolen?

In life We should never look at:
Beauty, it will pass
Money, it gets done.
Body Size, it will shrink.

Jacob fears Esau. He trembles at the mention of his name. He had never confessed for stealing his blessings.
Moses fears going back to Egypt. He hadn’t confessed for killing an Egyptian. He is very afraid of what awaits him there.

However, in both cases, God is with them. He gives them enough courage to face their fears. Jacob surrenders everything at Jabok. His wealth, his wives, his children…

What’s your Jabok today? Surrender everything now. All your troubles, surrender them unto Jabok and remain alone, retreat and be ready to meet God alone, without disturbance. Fight with God but not a fellow man just like Jacob did. This allows for a face to face meeting between Jacob and God.

When wrestling with God;
> You will be broken. You will lose something. You become humbled. You receive blessings. You Walk with a limp. But, God will be holding your hand. You won’t be limping alone.
Your name will be changed. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.
A new meaning will define you.

At Calvary, Jesus is tortured. Speared. Whipped. Pierced with thorns. It was a desperate and hopeless situation at Calvary. Then his life is given as a sacrifice, for us to receive salvation. 
Continued living is sin is just like taking Jesus back to Calvary all over again.


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