Converted Part II

Continued from Converted Part I..

  Throughout the journey back to the house I didn’t say a word. So many questions flooded my mind but the strength to voice any was non existent.

Miss Gichuhi seemed calm but her mind also seemed to have wavered far off. So much wad on my mind that I didn’t realize our arrival in her compound.

When I later on asked about the snakes she explained to me that she was a member of a secret society that dealt wih demonic ministries. Her role was to feed the snakes on a daily basis without skipping a day.

She went ahead to tell me that my visit to the shrine as it was called had been noticed and the elders wanted a meet with me. This was supposed to occur at night at an undisclosed location.

I was nervous but on and on I encouraged myself that I had nothing to lose by attending the meet. I can quit anytime. I encouraged myself. Little did I know that the moment I had entered the house, all my rights to make a decision had been left outside. I was now theirs.

This is when Miss Gichuhi explained that they had been watching me for years with her as their eyes. The continued bailing me out from police cells was their doing. They had a member in almost all powerful places. She also told me that on some instances the bail wasn’t paid at all and all it took was a phone call demanding for my release.

As the day of the meeting neared, I was made to eat some eggs which were later said to be snake eggs. This was my second initiation.

Now it was time for me to payback everything by being an agent which was more or less their slave. The day of the meeting finally came and upto date I can’t recall it’s location. On arrival, i was welcomed upon which I had to eat raw human meat and drink human blood. This was the most significant of all rites. I was now completely converted.

During the meeting, I was assigned a duty. The duty involved visiting night clubs and taking human hair and nails. Money for buying the above was provided and the moment anyone accepted the money, they became converts. The most vulnerable were college students desperate for quick monies.

The society had beautiful girls who lured the young men and my responsibility was to lure young beautiful girls into the society.

Days went, months and years passed. I hadn’t visited home not even a single day. Life was good. A good house, a big car, beautiful women…it’s all i had wished for.

Back home, my sister’s fees were being paid and despite having all that my mom knew something was off. So she sent someone to look for me in Nairobi. There was a neighbor who knew where Miss Gichuhi lived and through his help mother believed she would locate me.

One day while taking a stroll in town I recognized the neighbor. His name was Micah. He came to me and demanded that I was wanted back home and I had to go back. He wasn’t giving me an option. What happened then completely surprised me. Men arrived from nowhere and beat Micah senseless. He was bleeding profusely and the men’s eyes seemed to glow at the sight of his blood.

I had to beg them to stop since I didn’t intend to go with him anyway. They instantly stopped and that’s the moment I realized how deep I had got into the society. To me, it looked that they were ready to do anything to keep me checked.

As I drove back home, I started weighing my options. Should I continue to be their agent and let people close to me continue getting hurt or should I just quit and be killed? (Miss Gichuhi had told me the only way to quit was through death!)

The following weeks I started doing investigations on how best to quit without dying and this is when real trouble began. The senior members got wind of my plan and apparently were not happy. I had to be summoned. I was given an option of either stopping the investigation or I would lose someone very close to me.

I didn’t take at heart their threat. I continued and continued. With some help from a girl I had met while being there I was unstoppable.

Several days later, as I was getting out of my house to do some shopping, I was stopped on my tracks by Myra’s body which was crucified head down on my lawn. Blood was dripping from her mouth and her nose….

I was terribly scared. I was terrified.

I drove off to confront her killers. On arrival at the ‘meeting point’ (that’s the name we called our reporting station) I was ushered into the building by two burly men. I wa locked on a chair, both arms and legs and was asked whether I was ready to quit my inquiries. I wasn’t.

That’s when they brought out my two sisters. On seeing me, they begged for my help but I could offer none. Infront of my eyes they were skinned alive as I watched helplessly. Their eyes were pulled out of their sockets, their nails plucked using cutters…. My cries to the aggressors to stop heeded no action. To them, I had given them no option. As their life was squeezed out of them I became more determined to avenge their deaths.

I was unstoppable after the ordeal. Little did I realize that the same was to happen to my mother two weeks later. I was unable to help her also. Her death broke me. I was deranged and bitter…

All in the search of the fine things I lost everything I ever cared family…


Months Later I was able to quit. But what was I going back to? I had no money, no home, no clothes and most of all I had no family. The only option left was to go back to the streets.
With the help of a lorry driver, I finally ended up on the streets of my home town in central Kenya. I was now a street urchin.
From driving a toyota Mark II to living in the streets took a good toll on me.

All through I was determined to win and not go back to devil worship.

Through God’s grace I finally pulled through. His love for me guided me through my transformation and although demonic attacks happened to me once in a while, God being much much more stronger made me a victor.

Today I am a born again Christian who confesses God’s love for all mankind. Through the whole ordeal I came to learn that nothing from the devil is for free. You will pay it one time in life.

But God’s salvation is free and open to all. Through repentance, supplication, worship and confessing of His beautiful nature God gives salvation to all.


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