An Open Letter to Mr. Duale.


In the run up to the elections, very few people thought that your employers would take the day. Threats of sanctions, limited contact, and excetra characterised attitudes of the west towards a UhuRuto win. But all along you stood with the duo. Supported them all through. Thank you for that.

But as time went by you grew horns literally. You’ve become arrogant and too hard headed for the comfort of many. From calling honorable Kenyans greedy when they were opposing the increment of salaries to mps to defending some archaic government projects…

In defending government interests, you are the best. What has happenned now Mr Duale? Why the change of heart?

Mr president, every day upon waking up, the words on his mouth are the government will deal with insecurity. That’s a promise that was a plus that added some kenyans to the basket of royal supporters.

As the leader of majority in parliament, Kenyans expect you to lead this country forward through doing everything in your capacity to support government projects advantageous to all kenyans. Security being the most important.

To conduct a business, to go to school, to go to work every morning, all the above need security assurance to allow for all kenyans play their role in building this country.

Currently, living in some Kenyan estates feels like  living on a warpath. Anytime a suicide bomber may decide that time is ripe for him to take a few with him. Worse than that, any time one is shopping they’re always on the lookout for possible gunmen prepared to take their innocent lives. A grenade might even explode in ones bedroom in the middle of the night…
Living has become too unsure due to the state of insecurity in the country.

What bothers many kenyans is the fact that as an important shareholder in the government, you can’t support the one thing it has started to do right. Dealing with these hard headed criminals who hide behind religion to comit henious acts of terror. I can bet that if they exploded a bomb in your neighbourhood you would have a change of heart. Seeing people being maimed by these explosives would challenge your conscience Mr Duale.

However, wrongful arrests and harassment of Muslim youth is unwarranted for and wrong. Police torture and brutality during the exercise should not be tolerated and if reported should be investigated.  Suspicious characters should be rounded up and if innocent released.

Honorable Duale, you’re arguing out that you’re protecting your people. That’s why they elected you. That’s your job. But, should you continue protecting the radicalized lot among your people? Should you protect the criminals among your people that won’t blink when firing at innocent worshippers? Should you continue giving them another day on the streets not knowing what their next targets are?

This is not about Muslims or Christians Mr Duale. It is about rounding up suspects who seem to have the capability to harm or injure the general public. The criterion applied to determine who might be a suspect or not is a job of the police. They’re trained in that.

Let me roll your mind to a few years back when Mungiki had reigned terror in the whole country. Ladies couldn’t dress as they wished just because the name Mungiki was on everyone’s lips. Living in some parts of Central Kenya like Murang’a and Kirinyaga was a nightmare. But one man stood out, the late John Michuki. He supported the government crackdown on these hardened, organized criminals.

The Kikuyu, who accounted for the largest membership of the illegal sect were his people. He was a legislator from their community. He had a duty to protect them but he chose the security of all kenyans who were probable victims first before that of his community.He knew it was not a fight against the Kikuyus but against crime. You could borrow a leaf from this great leader.

Currently whispers of Mungiki have dispersed with the winds. It still has members but they can’t operate for fear of facing the law.

I believe the same will happen if the crackdown continues. It is in this exercise that likely suicide bombers will be identified and locked up. It is in this exercise that illegal weapons will be secured..bomb making material, grenades, firearms etc. It is also in this exercise where the innocent will be identified and set free.

For once the government seems to be doing what needs to be done.

Give it your support. Threats to quit fuelled by the arrests portrays you as a politician of double standards who can’t support the government when it points out the rot in his backyard. A popular thinker once said…”the best of decisions are the ones most unpopular.”

The whip needs to be cracked on radicalism. Maybe you’re the best to do it. If you feel that it is a betrayal to your people, let the someone else do it for you.

Concerned Kenyan.

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