Mr President, One Year on,


Uhuru Kenyatta being handed the constitution by outgoing president Kibaki.

Last year,  a day like today you ascended to the highest seat on the land and were recogninized world wide as the 4th president of the Kenyan Republic.

Beating the odds, proving critics wrong you jumped the hurdles and inherited your father’s house. You and your ilk dream of 20 years in its lawns and I wish you the best.

I wish to commend you for your various successes among them doing your best to lower the wage bill, the achievement of bringing even closer East African nations, waivering the maternity fee among others. That’s a plus for your government. However someone said that difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor
does the body. Lets not swim in your successes. To prosper in life we have to work on our challenges. I will point out five.

The first is corruption. You have recognized that it exists even in your own office. The standard gauge railway was marred by massive corruption reports, deal with that Mr President.

Second is the high cost of living. Sometime last year a litre of milk was going for 60 shillings. That’s unacceptable. The ordinary kenyan needs to afford quality life if s/he is to take part in the building of this country.

The third is continued unemployment of the  youth. During your campaigns, you promised to deal with the above conclusively. Don’t be a man of empty promises Mr President. Heed and deliver on your promise. The unemployed youth of this country are counting on it.

Fourth is insecurity. Sometime ago, someone commented that all you do is say that you will deal with insecurity. The person posed, will we ever wake up one day to hear you say that you have completely dealt with insecurity in Kenya? Will we ever wake up and realize that we are safe in our own country? Will we ever see a day when we won’t live in fear of being terrorized in our own homes? Mr President, please answer these questions.

The fifth and last one is about pledges you made during your campaigns. One is improving on the living conditions of our police officers. Someone tells me that come July, their medical insurance cover will commence. Why not sooner? What about their housing and improved terms of service?

The other pledge was about the free maternal care in public hospitals. That was a noble course Bwana Uhuru. However, some reports indicate that mothers continue giving birth in their homes despite the maternity fee being waivered. Why is this happening? Maybe its because of inaccessible hospitals? Maybe the maternities are understaffed? Maybe quality service is lacking in these hospitals? Maybe it’s poor equipment in the hospitals? Maybe lack of medicine? These questions need answers.

A nephew of mine keeps asking me about the laptop I had told him he would get once you became president. We watched your swearing in with him to the end. He keeps asking me whether I lied. Did I lie to him Mr President? Give me an answer for me to answer him.

All in all, you’ve tried as a government. But you need to try more.

Congratulations on your one year in office Mr President. However jibu hayo maswalli ndio kama wananchi wa Kenya tuwe na imani na serikali yako.


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