What Am I To Do?


By me I want you to be,
But to another’s arms you belong,
Your hands I long to clasp but,
Between another’s they are,
Part of your life I would be happiest,
But that desire will have to torture on,
For that smile I would like to be the provenance,
But a wish is what it will unceasingly be.

In his arms you find assuage,
By his side you have reassurance,
Anything you pine for, they’ve acquired,
Always exuberant, sad you’re not…
But it is you I still fancy,
It’s a crazy reverie,
For by me you’ll never be.

Am I deranged?
No…your smile gives you away,
A glance towards me is filled with resplendence,
Clasping your hand he is,
Yet back you look and wave,
In my direction you still blow osculations,
Looking at you I ponder,
Is that a blush on your face?
You have it all princess…
You look blithsome… or is it just a brave countenance?
Edify me angel…
Make me understand.

By; N. Kennedy. M.


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