On This Issue Of Abortion,

Upon waking up today morning I stumbled on a certain picture on social media..


There it is. A ‘child’ crawled up inside a paperbag. The site alone challenges the core principles most of us were brought up in.
The sanctity of life being most important.

From the site afore us, the most general of minds would argue out it’s an abortion gone sour…
The underlying issues However paint a gloom picture of contributing factors resultant in the above.

Improper and limited access to contraception, inadequate knowledge of reproductive health issues and the ilk. That’s the mindset of an informed, open minded person.
The moral fabric that holds the society in check is thus challenged by such doings.

In current moments, the society has been torn in the middle by pro life conformists and those that drum support for a pro choice society. The question of when a person is defined by the term is one that remains unanswered. Is it when they are barred from life and world cruelty in the uterus or is it when the first gust of air bits their weak lungs?

The above not withstanding, terminating a pregnancy and dumping the baby in a paperbag behind university hostels (as it is alleged) is morally not forthcoming, insensitive and utterly wrong.

What do you think?


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