Why Should People Be Inspired?


I have a column on this blog saturated with daily quotes. Its an effort to breath some inspiration into someone’s life. That’s what I aim at.

Currently, many scholars have written in mass about inspiration and inspiration quotes are all over the internet.

Why all this effort? Why all this struggle to inspire someone?

A wheelbarrow is termed as lazy. It needs a push to ferry any load of whichever quantity. To make the pushing easier, oiling it’s wheel comes in handy. Oiling reduces friction making work easier.

Inspiration to human beings works on the same concept. Its a kind of oil that makes it easier to push on with life. It reduces the friction between us and life’s struggles. By this, we become more resilient and we can push on for longer.

The Bible is termed as the most inspirational of all scripts ever written. This is because it offers a hope and a promise even when all seems gloomy.

Through it’s various parables and revelations, it makes the human race have something to look forward to. The mere promise of a life after death is inspiration enough to live a life of purity and holiness.

In the Bible the most inspiring of all stories is the death of Jesus for the love of mankind. His selflessness, was aimed at making all realize that living in sin is crucifying Jesus all over again.

During palm Sunday this year, His Holiness The Pope posed a question to all believers: Do they belong to those who helped Jesus carry the cross or the other lot that persecuted Him?

Jesus sole purpose of being speared and nailed was to make all mankind be part of a higher calling, be heirs of a Kingdom that will last forever.

To inspire means to breathe in. To take a gulp of fresh air and introduce it into the lungs. By breathing in, continuity of life is guaranteed. By breathing we keep ourselves alive.

Inspiration, thus, is some kind of fresh air in a rather stale atmosphere. It gives life to it. It lets in survival. With inspiration, comes a guarantee of fresh living.

Life is a challenge. Even for the most successful, challenges always come up. In the garden of Aden, where Adam and Eve had everything, including a one on one contact with God, the serpent posed the greatest challenge. It ultimately brought their downfall and falling short of God’s favor. That’s life.

To move on, we however need a kind of a push. A reason to keep being the best we can be. A reason to keep being good at what we are if not better. That’s where inspiration comes in.

Inspiration exists everywhere. Someone once told me , “Always keep smiling, you don’t know how many get inspired by your smile.”


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