The Freedom Of expression..

As it is, as the days go by, the right to speak ones mind is being trumped upon by forces that cant bear the truth.

Media owners, journalists, media houses… have in the recent past been up in arms against what they term as excessive government involvement in what information is to be broadcast to the public.

The bill of rights in the supreme constitution says this about the freedom of expression..”
The Kenyan Constitution
Article 33
Freedom Of Expression

(1) Every person has the right to freedom of expression, which includes:
    (a) freedom to seek, receive or impart information or ideas;
    (b) freedom of artistic creativity; and
    (c) academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.”

The constitution then goes ahead to protect the freedon of the media in article 34

“(1) Freedom and independence of electronic, print and all other types of media is guaranteed, but does not extend to any expression specified in Article 33

Based on a simple understanding of the above provisions, anyone should not be victimized based on any information they give if at all the information is true and can be proven.

The expulsion of Cyprian Nyakundih from Meru University of Science and Technology on the basis of claims he made about sexual harrassment of students by University staff members Here is wrong and should be rebuked in the strongest of terms.

He was playing his role as a comrade’s voice and also his role as a true Kenyan.

The same has been happening in many universities around the country but the only difference is that no one had spoken about the vice.

The fact that he has chosen to speak out portrays him as a true human rights crusader. He shouldnt be punished for exposing the rotting gabbage under the mat.

His expulsion makes one question the moral fabric that holds together the governing elite of the institution.


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