The key to being Happy ..


To completely define happiness, my dictionary terms it as fortuitous elegance and unstudied grace. Grace being undeserved and unmerited favor. By it being unstudied, happines thus, is a feeling that’s beyond understanding.

A feeling of contentment which is accompanied by lack of pain, suffering, regret or guilt.

Life, with all the riches there is, that’s short of happiness and smile is pure suffering.

To be happy;

Avoid Negativity..
Negative attitudes, commentary, friendships and general relationships keep us locked in shackles of suffering. Relationships and friendships in that our feelings get pierced every now and then, attitudes in that we never enjoy anything we are engaged in and commentary in that our egos get bruised every so often.

Changing our Have to’s to Want to’s.
Doing what we enjoy is key in being happy. Doing something because the motivation comes from deep inside us makes the action a part of us. It brings both satisfaction and pleasure since no one is watching or monitoring to see whether or not we complete the action.

Constant Prayer.
God is the answer. The Bible in a very famous scripture talks of ‘seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given to you and finally knock and the door shall be opened for you.’ The surest way of doing all the above is constant communication with God. What other way except through constant praying?

Self Acceptance.
Viewing others as better persons than you are results in depression and self hate. Thinking that you would have been better maybe in another world makes self acceptance an uphill task. Self acceptance means that you ought to look at yourself as the best that there can ever be. No one can do a better job of being you than you. It encourages one to accept themselves with both their strengths and shortfalls.
Self forgiveness also falks in this category. Constant blame on oneself for past failures and mistakes is a piercing thorn to being happy. As everyone else deserves to be forgiven, so do you.


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