A letter to you, The girl that literally shakes my world;


Currently, you hold a beautiful baby girl in your arms. A guy that you always said is great holds your hand day in day gone. I sit back and think of you every single day reminiscent of the great moments we had back in the day.

A year is gone, so much has happened, you’ve become a mum, a beautiful one at that and everything has taken a new turn. Our studies continue and we strive to be our best at every single turn.

The day I met you, was a day like any other but upon the incident, everything changed. My whole life took a completely new turn. Dancing with you, that night, in the stars… Holding your hand in mine for the very first time…

I had never had a feeling so strong that it threatened to choke me several times. The experience of being with you and being close to you was one that hasn’t been matched to date.

The days we had movie nights, sitting on my bed for hours, staring at a screen that didn’t show anything different… The nights we had walks at midnight all over, just as an excuse to be close together, the days we went out clubbing just to feel our bodies rub against each others’… The feelings can’t just be put down to paper.

Throughout the wonderful times, I never told you how I felt about you. I always assumed that you could decipher the feelings from my eyes. Or from the tight hugs I gave you every time we met. Or from the tighness of my grip each time my fingers interlocked between yours.

Silently, I grew fond of you soo much that it began to hurt.  But I kept my silence. Not that I didn’t want to speak out, but the fear of a negative response kept me at bay every time I had a chance to express what I felt from deep within.

Days, weeks, months… my feelings grew stronger. Unfortunately I couldn’t say anything. I knew you enjoyed being with me but I just didn’t have the balls to confirm that.

As my silence grew louder, you met someone else.

That broke me.

At the beginning of this year, you texted me and said that I was the greatest person you had ever met. You continued to add that nature has diverse plans for each one of us and these plans didn’t necessarily have to concur with our own.

To date, I envision your smile in every girl I meet, I see you all around me for What was born within me when I met you hasn’t changed a bit.

Someone once said that when the sun is in the heavens, no other star can be seen for its brilliance. You’re my sun. Stars around me may be bright but none matches the brightness you bring along.

Forever and Always,



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