Its been quite a while since you left, But the wound you left hasnt healed at all. We still feel your absence with every day that passes.

I wrote this the moment I heard the heartbreaking news. I think it’s time you heard what I had to say…
Am sorry I couldn’t make it to witness your final journey but dear one, I was with everyone every step of the journey.

From our embrace you’re gone,
To a place we hope you find rest,
The tears in our eyes will keep rolling,
Since the place you occupied no one can replace…

You left us and joined the angels,
And behind left us two beautiful princesses,
Through their smiles we’ll always remember and see your face.
Through their eyes, reflected will be your kindness.

Although we all want you to be here,
You can’t make that real since God thought otherwise,
The pain inside is immense,
We just hope that wherever you are you find comfort.

As you’ve gone ahead say hi to grandpa,
Remind him we miss him greatly,
Tell him that every day we wish he was here with us,
To share in the successes and memories we create daily.

Dear cousin, we miss you terribly.
May your soul Rest In Eternal Peace

RIP Mukami.

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