Not Long,

Not long, some time ago,
I closed my eyes and your face I saw,
Very clear, as radiant as gold…
In nostalgia,
Your smile came to light..
I could only gasp in awe..

The memories,
Of the nights we texted,
Flooding back they came..
Remembering the times, I held a pen to scribble,
On paper, some lines of how great you made me feel…

I stretched my hand, your face to hold,
But the cruel winds; away,
Swept u into the cold…

I wished you’d be close;
And my arms to fold;
Around your beautiful body and hold…

But painful as it was;
Into the horizos u had long disappeared,
Loss welled up in my soul…
As again I waved by hand goodbye…

But to my gladness, from my deep slumber
I awoke


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