Where do we stand?

Kenya has various things right. An able government if its given the opportunity to deal with the challenges that affect us all and an ever noisy opposition that rants about everything (that’s their job anyway).The democratic space allows us to have all this.

The freedom of speech, association, assembly, the freedom of talking any way you like about the president are also posives that we have come to enjoy as a fruit of the labor of all that came before us.

However the issue of morality is one that exists in a whole new existence. Many kenyans are in dire need of the above virtue. A large proportion of the populace have thrown their morals to the dogs.

How many cases are all over of incest marriages, rapes and children born out of the unspeakable act?

When arguing about the crucial aspects of life that affect us, we tend to quote the morality excuse hoping that it will save us from unescapable life realities.

This is the issue thats being quoted when any discussion arises about the giving out of contraceptives to adolescents.

In our reservations, we term the idea as morally questionable. According to a large number of us, we want to convince ourselves that these young  members aren’t having sex already.

We have accepted the fact that its happening at the back of our minds just because no one stands out to speak against (or for) the act. 

Now that someone has come up with a way of protecting these young Kenyans from unexpected and unplanned pregnancies, we all rise up in arms against the suggestion quoting our moral uprightness and spiritual beliefs that continue to be questioned day in day out.

How many cases have we heard of men of the cloak abusing young girls? What about fathers abusing their innocent young daughters? Lets not even talk about other relatives like uncles, cousins, et al. Very recently, I even read a story of a young girl who claims a senator raped her while she was working for the man.

Quoting the sorry excuse  of morality is not just insensitive but an insult to the word.

Should children be born all over just because we lacked the courage to call a buffalo just that not a cow with extra large horns?

in as much as we should spare our children the burden of contraceptives, shouldn’t we also spare them from the burden of early pregnancies and early infections of STDs, STIs, HIV and Aids?



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