If Only,


If only I looked long enough; I would have seen the flares in your eyes.

If only I had taken your laughter to heart;  your feelings would have never been hurt,

If only I melted to the embrace of your soft arms,

You would forever have belonged in mine.


If only I had looked beyond the smile in your face,

Together we’d be facing life challenges to date,


If only I had attached more meaning to the time we held hands;

beside me you’d always stand.


If only I had taken your face in my hand to caress,

I would still swimming in the depth of their warmth.


If only I had taken our times alone to mean more than having fun,

You’d still stand my biggest fan.


If only if I had taken the passion which characterized your presence on a bigger note;

If only I taken your shows of affection at heart,

If only I had realized that you meant more,

If only had taken your tight hugs to be not just hugs,

If only I had listen to my guts

If only I had known you adore me secretly

If only I had not been so stubborn to see what was screaming from all corners…


But unfortunately I didn’t;

I only realized it when I saw the tears in your eyes,

Your pure form of affection; your undivided loyalty,

Came to mean something when your heart was already in pieces.


It hurt to shatter everything at a nick but;

 I Just wish I had known from the start.

That your smile wasn’t just a smile but it went along mine. 


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