The campus experience..


Looking at the long queues from a distance I can’t help but notice the anxiety written all over these students’ faces.

Struggling to do registration optimism, anxiety and excitement are feelings they are doing little to hide. Finally they get to join university. Doesn’t matter if they used the front or the back door, the most important thing is that they’re here.

I approach one and she’s strikingly beautiful. ‘Ponyokaring’ with her is very tempting but… She tells me that finally she has a chance to be whomever she has always wanted to be. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, i inquire what she means by the statement and she tells me that she has all the freedom and thus she can do ‘anything’. I stop at that.

Joining university introduces us to a completely different atmosphere where no one ever cares about what we do. Go to class, don’t…sleep outside or not..that’s your own business.

To some of us joining university is an opportunity to be raunchy and explore all our sexual fantasies. Having sex, regularly is one of the perks we associate with being in uni. The newly acquired freedom guarantees this.

However to all the first years out there let me tell you this; Being in campus is a struggle. Assignments, supplementaries, retakes, discontinuities to show cause are key aspects that characterize the system. Upto now I haven’t known what some of those terms mean but i hope u won’t either since you get to understand them when you’re caught in their cross fires.

Having sex is good. But having sex regularly and irresponsibly only makes you a hoe. Hii mwili haina spare parts. Opting to cast all morals aside is a choice and its also a door to immense occurences of STDs and STIs. It’s a choice and remember choices have consequences.

No one will force you to go to lectures but come the end of semester exams you will know the importance. An impromptu CAT was given but since you missed it due to effects of an immense hangover you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Being broke is also another thing that’s very common hapa. HELB itakam, you will believe u have hit a jackpot and waste it all. On shoes, on flashy clothes or on the bottle. Come mid semester your account is drier than Turkana and you have nothing to show for the few thousands of shillings the government offered you. You will be tempted to call home but utaulizwa HELB ulipeleka wapi? Be accountable for the little you have.

Finally don’t try soo hard to fit in. You have to define yourself and know who you really are. If you haven’t upto now, Maybe you needed to stay home for a year or so to realize what you really stand for. Diversity is part of the university set up where different people have converged for the key purpose of acquisition of knowledge.

This means that friends will always be different from you. Don’t try too hard to be a reflection of anyone else. Since She bought a flashy dress, should you buy it also? NO. Her means are different from yours and you should respect that. That’s what makes you unique and beautiful, standing for something.

Cliques are common but you should identify the one that squarely accepts you for who you are but not the ones that try to change you. Remember that people will only try to define those that don’t have definitions of themselves..

Being in University is fun, but you just should know the Dos and Don’ts of the whole campus experience. There is no manual, create yours.


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