Kenya; The Animal Kingdom.

“Last month, MPs voted to increase their pay from Sh850,000 to Sh1.2 million a month, which will earn them the title of the highest paid MPs in the world.

The report which recommended the pay rise said this would cushion the MPs when they pay tax.

Currently, MPs only pay Sh42,998 tax on their basic salary of Sh200,000 but do not pay tax on their allowances.
The MPs voted for a generous salary award, which included a 100 per cent increase in sitting allowances, after amending the
recommendations of a pay tribunal chaired by retired appellate judge Akilano Akiwumi.

Currently an MP takes home Sh851,000 a month. The revised salaries are to be backdated to May 2008.

Should the new demand by MPs on their pay be effected, an MP will be earning close to Sh100,000 a day for only 12 days they attend parliamentary sittings in a month while an average Kenyan lives below Sh100 a day according to the United Nations Development
Programme (UNDP).”
The Star Kenya

Has Kenya become the real definition of the animal Kingdom where some animals are more equal than others? Legislators have shunned their roles as leaders and what interests them most is self interest and enrichment.

The other day senators rose up to demand for a 2.4 million salary increase. In addition to this they want another 2.4 million per month for expenditures. What’s insane about this unreasonable demand is the 420,000 meant for office consumables. What the hell are these?

By an average kenyan living below a dollar in a day, it means that for the three meals one has to spend less than 87 shillings. This means an average of 29 shillings per meal.

In Every other electioneering period, mps run all over promising better livelihoods for all citizens. We make our choices that later come to haunt us.

Living large is a choice. Servicing morgages should be at ones own cost but it should not be at the expense of over taxed kenyans. How many kenyans are doing the same with a 30,000 shillings salary? Have we ever seen all these flood the streets demanding for a salary increase with the lame excuse of servicing a morgage or paying a debt?

Self development should be at the cost of individual persons but not poor kenyans.

When the new constitution was voted in, the idea of 350 mps scared me but i was comforted by the existence of the Serem led commission of Salaries and Remuneration. To me this would protect ordinary tax paying kenyans from unnecessary demands for  salary increament by these greedy individuals.

Into which hole did Serem disappear? Last week it was senators now it is mps. Unfortunately our police officers will never enjoy these fruits from the national basket. Neither will the teachers or nurses… The Mps who earn highest will continue to loot from public coffers with the lame reason of repaying debts.

This has been made a success by the Parliamentary Service Commission which never says no to these demands.

Here is a story of a police officer and a lady trying to make ends meet with very little while mps with the much they possess are demanding for more.

Economic upheavals don’t affect only legislators but kenyans at large. Does Kenya have the ability in terms of economic development and resources to be ranked first in the world based on the salary it pays its legislators?

Kibera lies as the largest slum in Africa…
Youth unemployment is something that we are still struggling with…
Food insecurity…
A rise in teenage criminal gangs cuts short the life of our urban teenagers by the day…
We haven’t dealt with Maternal mortality…

We are struggling with so much, mps and senators don’t need to add on our struggles.

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