The vanity of vanity that is life…


Just like the blowing of wind, one moment one is breathing but the next they drift off to an abyss of unknown existence.

Life just escapes from our grip just like fine particles of sand from our fingers. Death doesn’t require inviting but it knocks in the most unexpected of times..

The passing on of a 20 year old is hearbreaking. The promise of a bright tomorrow cut off so abruptly that it leaves us breathless in the most real of ways…

This made me have an indepth look at the reason all is nothing at the end of the day and i recalled the text below i read some time ago..

“Man was created by God and for God to fill him and be his content and reality . But today all men have lost God as their possession and they all have no real dwelling place!

All human beings are drifting about searching a home – man is wandering because he has lost God! God is our real dwelling place and our real

We need to see the real condition of the human life without God, as the Bible reveals it to us. Every human
being is filled with so many other things that he/she thinks will bring satisfaction and peace, but these things are the wrong

When we come to the Word of
God and we pray over His Word, when His Word shines on us, we are exposed and emptied of any other thing .

The true condition of the entire human life on earth without God can be summed up in one word, VANITY . King Solomon had everything he wanted, including
wisdom, riches, etc – but when he analyzed and pondered on the human living and the human existence, his conclusion was that all is vanity of vanities (Eccl. 1:2-11 ).

All the things in the human life are vanity – they are like pursuing after shadows and chasing after wind. The human life itself is short, fleeting, short-lived, and filled with labor and sorrow.

The strong ones among us live until 80-90 years old, but most people finish their course somewhere at the age of 70. If one lives on the earth, though he
may live up until the age of eighty or ninenty, if he lives without the Lord Jesus, his life is filled with labor and sorrow – and the years fly away!

Why is it this way? Why all is vanity in the human life? It is simply because man was created for God, and man’s real
satisfaction, man’s real peace, and man’s real pleasure is God Himself .

God is man’s blessing – but man has left God and was lost. Now all men try to fill their need for pleasure and satisfaction by doing things, accumulating things, being
in relationships, etc – all these things are empty and even worse, they bring us in a bondage!

Because if man does not have God as the meaning and center of his life, he struggles to obtain enjoyment.

The result of man’s struggle and strife is that he falls into all kinds of bondage – all man’s
seeking of pleasure and satisfaction apart from God brings man into bondage! Even
our family and our relatives can become a bondage to us – even seemingly necessary and positive things/situations can enslave us! If our inward being is occupied by any person or thing, the Lord has no ground in us.

When Christ comes in and fills your heart , when you enjoy the Lord in His word in your personal time with Him or in the meetings with the saints,
your heart is filled with God and you have a meaning in your human life!

Man’s real pleasure, satisfaction, and blessing is God Himself filling man’s vessel ! Man was really made to contain God and be filled with God – any other endeavors or seeking to be filled with other things that
seemingly bring us satisfaction result in bondage and eventually death!”

Life is full of struggles.. One after the other. Overcoming these doesn’t guarantee satisfaction or smooth sailing, it’s just part of the vanity and torture that define life itself.

We are mortals…All humans are… Life is just but a script that we recite our lines waiting for the curtains to close.


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