Checkpoint: Hooliganism in our universities..

Kenyatta University students went on a rampage last night reason being one of their favorite candidates had been blocked from contesting yesterday’s student elections.

The University of Nairobi, Technical Uni, Moi Uni, Mmust et al have also been on the same pool of irresponsible looting, property destruction and unfortunate incidences of student injuries all because we as university students lack the stomach for reason.

Call me retrogressive, call me a sympathiser of bureaucratic systems of administration but the truth is we opt to give a deaf ear even when alternative ventures to solve common occurrences of impasses between students and the admin are always available.

Methinks that demonstrations should be the last resort when it comes to problem solving. This is based on the fact that we lose more than we gain.

K.U students have destroyed property worth exceeding millions of shillings, some even spent the night on cold police cells just because the thrill of adrenaline rush was too tempting for them.

Some of the issues raised are as genuine as the light of day but when you come to think of the aftermath of these incidences, if you’re of a sober mind, you will realize that the same can be solved from other forums.

Our sisters, girlfriends, friends, classmates… are raped by blood thirty hooligans just because some few individuals think it’s the only way to make someone to listen. Is it worth it? Is it?

Can the demos justify the maiming of our fellow comrades? Or their rape? Or their injuries? Or the arrests? Or the death of some?

Why didn’t the K.U students opt to forego the election in totality? Why couldn’t they boycott the damn process?

Hahaha… it’s because some of them would have ended up on the queues. Some would have still asked for the ballot paper.. Why? Simply because the guy in question wasn’t as popular as we were made to believe..

A comrade is always right. No one is challenging that fact.
But still, when some lie on hospital beds for weeks nursing injuries sustastained from these street displays of dissatisfaction, where do we draw the line?

I remember looking at a student from Mmust lying on a hospital bed with half of his back burnt after the demonstrations that happened in April/May of 2014. He was in indescribable pain but what was I to do? Meanwhile, the student leaders who had led the demo were sipping coffee somewhere oblivious of the pain fellow comrades were going through.

Just like National politics, student political arenas dictate that survival for the fittest is the most favorable strategy to maintain significance and relevance. Selfish ambitions, wrongful use of fellow students as such take precedence during these situations.

Being in University dictates that your capacity to question directives, orders, passionate calls for student action is enhanced.

So before you take a gulp of that illicit liqour, before you pick that teargas carnister, before you light that match, before you force yourself into her pants… remember you’re in campus for God’s sake!!!


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