On this issue of terrorism..

The Al Jazeera’s expose titled #InsideKenya’sDeathSquads got me thinking. Why do people make more noise when a terrorist is killed than when some a hundred innocent victims are either butchered, slaughtered or shot by Jihadist extremists?


Why do the so called human rights crusaders only voice their anger when an arrest is made on a Coast based extremist? Where were they after travellers were shot in Mandera? Where were they after Baby Osinya harboured a bullet in his head for several days? Where were they after quarry workers were attacked, maimed and killed in their thirties when asleep? Where were they after shoppers were gunned down in a mall at noon?

The so called activists are biased, one sided and hypocritical for the lack of a better phrase. You can’t keep on protecting the hyna while you’re just a sheep.

Honesty is not a virtue that Kenyans hold in high regard but when it comes to human life, I think we need to make exceptions. Human life is sacred and it’s only God who is allowed to take it.

A high profile journalist has been on the spotlight for always coming to the defence of arrested terror suspects. He has always spoke against government raids on mosques that are suspected to provide safe haven for Al shabaab militia and its sympathisers. He has always portrayed the government in bad light when it comes to the fight against extremism and terror. But anyway, how can he feel the pain in the rest of us when he can comfortably recite the Quaran? How can he know of the fear that’s constant within us when he isn’t a target of these henious acts of cowardice?

However, do not mistake me. All Muslims are not terrorists. I have many Muslim friends – kind, loving – great citizens of this country. But ALL terrorists are muslims. Islam, I have come to understand doesn’t advocate for the killing of innocent people. As such, suicidal, brain washed and senseless excuses for human beings should not blame the religion for their barbaric acts of war against defenseless christians.

Why should some people continue protecting the lives of extremists who don’t give a rats ass about the lives of others?


Why should the life of an individual who doesn’t value the life of another be valued?

It’s time we thought about our actions seriously. It’s time we stepped back, retraced our steps and corrected our actions where we have flopped.

The war on terror requires us all to fight from the same side. It requires us all to be United


against a common enemy in the name of extremism. Divisions among ourselves are what expose us to the vulnerabilities of infiltration by these blood thirsty individuals.

Personalize every attack we endure as a country and you will get my point.


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