Inspirational Moment…

Pastor’s Moment: Where do you stand with God? Do you know His ways or you just know His acts?

There is a difference between God’s ways and God’s acts. Both in the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament ( NT) we find that God’s ways were made known to an inner circle of people but the ordinary congregation only learned of His acts.

The ones who sought His presence were those who learned his ways. Moses and David are two outstanding examples of people in the OT who knew God’s ways.

Throughout Israel’s wandering in the desert and in their later history in the Promised Land we find God’s people interested only in what God would do for them.

To them God displayed his mighty acts -but only a few got close enough to learn his ways.

In the NT too we find that it was only those who walked closely with Jesus that discovered his ways. They were the inner circle that he had ‘hand-picked’, the ones we call ‘apostles’ (Paul was later chosen as an Apostle after his personal encounter with the risen Christ).

Jesus disclosed many things to them that he did not share with others. Though there were hundreds that followed him around, it was his miracles that attracted them.

The sad part is, we are not any different today. We tend to operate out of a “needs basis”.

When things are not going right, when we’ve got ourselves in a mess that we cannot entangle, then we remember God; we pray like we’ve never prayed before and we make a lot of rash promises to Him.

But after He has met our need and life gets comfortable once again, we adopt the attitude “don’t call us; we’ll call you”! God becomes our servant.

Knowing God is not only seeing his works but also learning his ways.

It comes only through discipleship; whole hearted commitment to learning the ways of God!

Are you checking your priorities honestly before God?

Courtesy of Jules, Mama Troy

God Bless You and Keep You.

Dennis Itumbi.


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