Tale of a campus Comrade…

I was in campus alright but I wasn’t settled in. It has been two years now, I kept thinking.

Upon admission into campus all I ever thought of was the beautiful ladies in short skirts and tight trousers. Of the ladies that spoke the queen’s language with such fluency, you would have thought they had spent a lifetime on her land.

Constant on my mind were the ‘lands’ I would conquer, the lips I would caress and the entire weekends I would spend enjoying the warmth of another. That was the picture that had been painted on my mind from the very first instance I understood what university really meant.

Here I was all the same. Two years had gone by without even a ‘taste’. The weekends were spent either watching unrealistic Holywood gimmicks or too much engrossed in books beating assignment deadlines. It was a complete contrast of what I had once fathomed to be ideal campus hype.

All I ever heard were lost virginities, lost students, suicidal brats and endless tales of weekend raves that I had no idea of what they really meant.

I had to let go and be part of the party animals. I was tired of reading updates of how flexible ‘She’ was on the dance floor. I was tired of hearing stale tales of my friends’ drinking maneuvers. I had to get a taste of the fun.

And the day came. The day i was to go for a night out.. How I had waited for this day..
I wore my airforce sneakers and a designer tshirt. I had to look good. Maybe not for ‘her’ but for my ego and self esteem. My friends came to pick me up and since it was my first day they were so excited to show me the ‘world’. The world meaning endless alcohol and maybe a dance with ‘Her’. That’s what I looked forward to the most.

I kept imagining her ample behind caressing my crotch – typical Kenyan dancing move… (nikimsugua) as they say. I was too exited to even talk. All I did was smile sheepishly and laugh even at the most mundane of jokes.

Here we were finally, at a night club. The music was blaring so loud that I literally felt my heart on my throat. Being students we couldn’t afford beer so my friends ordered several 700 ml bottles of spirit and some sodas. Then we started drinking… we drank… tukakunywa… weeeeeh!

As the night went on, I noticed ‘Her’ at the corner of my eye, she was not in those black dresses but she was in a short, tight blue dress that fikad just above her knees. Man she was looking gorgeous. I couldn’t hide my excitement.

She noticed me and started dancing towards me…her hips moving side by side. Her eyes locked into mine. The clutter of her heels was drowned by the deafening music. I remember asking myself why no one was dancing with her later to realize she was on the list of ‘bad girls’ yaani madame wrong number!

I had to dance with her and I finally did. That was the best moment of the night. I felt so great hata pombe ikaisha kwa kichwa..

Unfortunately, later I fell for her charm. Maybe it was her great body, Maybe it was her beautiful eyes, Maybe it was her laughter, Maybe it was her confidence, Maybe it was her beauty…
Upto this day I have never quite known what It really was that made me fall for this girl.

Out of that club that night I came with two things; a two week hangover and a twisted mind. The alcohol was to blame for the former and ‘She’ was to bear the blame for the latter.

That was when I learnt my very first lesson in campus.. “Thou shall never fall in love with the most popular girl in uni”. I had broken that commandment…

That night was the start of a spree of raves, booze guzzling and endless weekend escapades. She was still there but I couldn’t quite look into her eyes – they had a spell over me that I haven’t been able to break to date…

You know that girl: That girl that’s always smiling; You know the one with several friends who are as beautiful and classy as she is; That girl who just looks towards you, smiles and moves o;. That girl who is a party goddess; That girl who wears no makeup but still looks gorgeous than the rest; That girl who doesn’t turn heads because men have got tired of doing so; That girl who would look good even in a sack; That girl who you see then unakata corner. That girl is trouble. She’s a bomb waiting to explode!

Learn from me. Shee taught me the hard way.

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