Am sorry Fellow Poets,

I apologize for being silent for so long,
I have been recollecting my thoughts, all along.
I am sorry for not taking the pen sooner,
I have been thinking of what to put down to paper.

I have always thought of writing,
Taking a moment and note a few words on a napkin,
I have been longing to take a second and express it all,
But unfortunately words to describe it all haven’t been forthcoming.

Not a day passes by without visiting this wall,
I listen to Ordinary Mind speak it all,
A poem after the other I take note of,
I am always impressed by your thoughts, feelings and emotions,
Summarised in just but a few phrases.

Continue being the best at this,
Let the art flow from your minds, to the paper and to us all,
Keep being the best of poem advocates,
But whle at it,
Forget us not, those that lack the proper phrases to describe the air.

Happy Holidays!


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