Of Fallen Soldiers, Tattered skirts and bitter Women – The year that was 2014!

2014 is in a few days coming to a silent close. The year has been an epic one. Characterized by immense emotions, traumatizing fun and sadly at times immeasurable tears. It’s been a year of emotional turnmoil one in which standards have been constantly set left right and center. From Njoki Chege to a whole lot of Kenyans who have surprisingly realized that they deserve better from the blues.

It’s in this year that men who drive subarus together with those that live in Zimmerman, not forgetting those that attend Masaku 7s have joined the unfortunate club of losers. All thanks to a disillusioned female shacking somewhere in a dungeon in Eastlands.

It’s been an unforgettable experience for H.E since it’s in 2014 the Gambian woman realized that in the past 4 years she had been chasing ghosts in the name of evidence.


The D.P should hang on. We hope that Sooner than later her eyes will be opened once again.

Mapambano will be no more. We might try the tune time and again but it will always be a remixx of the original since death did what it does best – robbed the best from our midst.


Rest In Peace Hon. Kajwang. To other heroes weve lost, the lost soldiers on the field of battle, J.J Kamotho, all the terror victims, may the Almighty God keep your souls in eternal peace.

It’s in 2014 that I finally realized that the work of the opposition isn’t to keep checks and balances on the government but to make noise about every little thing that the ruling coalition does. Long live the founding fathers who coined the term.

I got my worst heartbreak in 2014. 2015 Should hurry and come knocking.

When travelling to ocha, I stopped over at Nice City in Kerinyaga County.

These guys have reaaaaally sweet samosas. They should keep up building the nation. Many such establishments only saw the light of day thanks to 2014.

It’s in this devilish year that touts were given the role of stylists.


Suddenly they could decide what decent dressing was or wasn’t. Those arrested from the Githurai incident belong to the same hole as Alai.

Ooooooh before I forget, 2014 was the hashtag year.


The government decided that every threat this country faced could be solved by a stupid twitter hashtag. This government should know people.

Thanks to 2014, we have now come to realize that our legislators are rowdier than drunk Gor Mahia fans who just got a beating. Some even claim that walivuana ma pantie.. I haven’t heard this accusation in any Gor fracas – might our legislators be crazier?


I think they are more wild.

In 2014 too we had the #BabaWhileYouWereAway follow train where Kenyans took to social media to rant about their frustrations. Unfortunately Baba came back with nothing except more noise and empty threats. I think his stay in America did more harm than good for its been a while since I heard… “kitendawili……..

So much happened.

Let me conclude by thanking my audience, my readers and my followers for taking some time to read through my posts. You’re the reason I keep doing it.

To my boys Hussein, Johnie, Jimmy, Ray, Amo and Willy, thank you majamaa for making 2014 a crazy year.

Thank you Peris for making this post possible and for your input. The ride was an awesome one though it wasn’t as long as we would have wanted it to be. I hope to see you soon.

See you in 2015! I hope and wish it will be a blessing to you all.


4 responses to “Of Fallen Soldiers, Tattered skirts and bitter Women – The year that was 2014!

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  2. I do not understand ALL the cultural references in this post, being a white western woman from Sydney, Australia, but I love the courage and anger of your post. I’m sorry about the worst heartbreak. I do know about “touts being given the role of stylists” (LOVE that phrasing). And you’re right. Kenyans deserve better.

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