Inspirational Moment

I was going through some social site and I stumbled upon something Nyakio Kambi wrote. I hope it inspires you into being someone new this coming year. I hope it makes you more appreciative of the little that you have for there are others who lack in totality.


You think you’re heart broken? try a lady who caught the husband to be on the eve of their wedding in bed with another woman. 

Think you’re distressed try the form 4 leaver who got impregnated by a journalist with triplets and he eloped to marry a ugandan lady.

You think you’re broke, try someone who has no idea that there is a 200 note in Kenyan currency.

You whine because you havent bought a pair of shoes in a week, try someone who does not even knw how it feels to even wear a pair of slippers.

You whine school sucks, remember he who is watching over a herd of cattle hoping he wld even get an opportunity to sit under a tree and learn.

So we all think we have the greatest mountain of problems but in real sense its just an ant hill.

Hapiness is a choice, you choose whether to let others put you down or not, therefore, laugh like u were never sad, love like u dont know how a heartbreak feels like, smile like there is no sadness… Live like there is no tomorrow for nothing in this life is guaranteed.

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