How do convice a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana, or a hound that beef without bones is just as perfect, how do you plead with a desperate woman that Owuor is just a man, and that God will still heal her when she goes down in prayer.

How do I convince my babe that Alejhandro is just an actor following a script, or how do i tell this toddler that Ben Ten does not exist, someone tell me what to tell this generation to believe Jay Z just works as hard, how do i convince them there’s more to the sagged denim and what is cast on tv.

How do I convice the chairlady that the priest has testorone hormones, or that his white cassock is just but a garment, how do I even tell my mum I also got taste and eyes, or explain to her beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Please help me tell my people the president doesnt know them by name, that sharing a tribe and some accent is not enough to die in impunity, help me make us understand religion wont get me a straight ticket to paradise, I wish I could make you understand its never about the likes but driving the message home.

Wahome Junior Wahome


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