The Woman Next Door…


My wonderful neighbor,
Please tell your wife,
That when she comes to visit us, With a knee high dress perfectly on her body,
That shows her chocolate thighs, She should not seat opposite me, Because seating in that position, Makes me weak.

Please tell your woman,
That whenever she comes to borrow salt,
With her cleavage on display,
I feel currents flowing,
From my head downwards,
And such kinds of currents are dangerous.

Please tell the mother of your children,
That whenever we meet on the road,
The smile that emanates from her,
The pureness of her teeth,
Plus the sparkle in her eyes,
Drives my mind crazy, Remember I am just a man like you.

Please tell your ‘rib’,
That the meals she brings to us, When she cooketh something sweet,
Are so delicious,
That at times I forget my name, And when I don’t remember my identity,
I always don’t know who I am.

Please tell your wife,
Whenever I see her walking in front of me,
With her hips swaying musically,
I always ask myself,
“Which type of a car is this?” Such types of questions,
Can make me try to investigate, If she is a buggati or Volkswagen.

Please tell your wife,
That the woman of my house is heavily expectant,
And that means for now am a bachelor,
Also do remind her,
That I no longer get in paradise, And the act of me getting locked out of paradise,
Can lead me to adding one plus one.

I am telling you all this my neighbor,
Not because I desire what is next door,
But it’s simply because,
I don’t want us to confuse our children,
And please judgeth me not,
For I breaketh not the seventh, Nor the tenth commandment.

By Geol Odhiambo


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