Young men on instagram are tall babies, emotionally unstable attention seeking teenagers…Long live Njoki Chege…


The intensity in which Njoki Chege hates subaru driving guys is just explosive. Their sight and utter existence is a thorn in Njoki’s impeccable and over inflated list of standards and expectations. To her, the mere fact that blue Subarus worth 600 K cruise in our roads is an insult to those Chinese prisoners that took all that long to make Thika Road a reality.

Njoki is a great writer. You can take that to Uwezo Microfinance. The fact that the venomous KOT battalion can take a whooping 10 hours plus to react to her blog shows how itchy her words scour our emotions. Kenyans are an angry lot. Any excuse to release the bile that has accumulated for so long in our throats is met with both hands literally.

Based on the fact that we are a people who guard our traits and commonalities close to our chests, people who tend to attack these moral paths of comfort seeking and missions of keeping our self esteem in check as she puts it are equated to Lucifer himself.

To me, Njoki is just another girl out there. Not too different from Waithera, Achien’g or Halima. She’s a struggling young Kenyan girl trying to make ends meet. A regular, average girl struggling to attend lectures at midday with the scorching sun giving her a million reasons not to.

She is just any other college girl who wants to live in a larger than life existence. She desires total exuberance but unfortunately even Marcus knows better than she does that you gotta work for it. Njoki desires a life of expensive cruises around the world but unfortunately the streets of Nairobi will be as far as her yellow vitz will take her.

Today a friend of mine poised; “why doesn’t Njoki Chege talk about great women who have achieved alot in history? Why doesn’t she write about how much she would like to achieve as a woman in the near future? What kind of wealthy woman does she want to be when she grows up? Why does she keep talking of rich men?”
“She is just a lazy ass who wants everything on a platter” another replied…
I was like..”enyewe….”
Njoki hapo singekutetea..maybe you should answer her…

To me, everything we read on that ‘City Girl’ column of Saturday Nation is a concoction of a sharp, bitter, bored college girl blended with the Jupiter like expectations of a self defined socialite. The writings stink of unwarranted hatred towards struggling Kenyans and an unwelcome opinion of the definition of what real men are truly made of.

She might be a  budding writer alright but trashing Kenyans based on their choice of social networking sites is not just archaic but unacceptable. She has built an empire of animosity towards the average guy prompting me to wonder whether she really has male colleagues around her.

Njoki, I don’t doubt you’re ‘hot’ but the fact that you’re pushing that down our throats makes me question if truly you deserve to be put in the same sentence with that phrase. Beautiful women don’t shout of how impeccably created they were, they wait for others to compliment them after which they just smile and accept the compliment. Anyhow, you can’t convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana. Same way you cannot convince a hound that beef without bones is just as perfect.

All the same, see you next Saturday. I can’t wait to hear what the demons inside you force you to communicate to the Kenyan community next.

In the meantime, you should start a reality TV show dubbed #KeepingUpWithNjokiChege… maybe  #KeepingUpWithMyStandards is fancier…

On a second thought, maybe I should get a life!


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