Look, Pole Sandra,
Venye jana nlikutoka ghafla,
Ni venye sikutaka stori mob afta, Na i wud rather,
Unikumbuke tu for the laughter, Last night was last night, Whatever happened happened, Hatuwezi turn back time,
Na even though,
Na struggle kukutoa kwa mind, Itabidi nimejitoa,
But nahope true love utafind,

Mambo Kendi,
Unaumbuka nkisema sikupendi? Well, I lied,
After uttering those words, Nlijifungia kwa room,
And i cried,
Letting you go wasnt easy,
A part of me died,
But it was just not meant to be, No matter how hard we tried, Infact just last week,
Tukiwa tao na Tony,
Nliwacheki na Bony,
You looked happy,
More than you ever were,
When you were with me,
Heard you were engaged,
About to become his wife,
All the best,
In your new love life,

Mmmmh Cindy,
My beautiful Mami,
My sweet honey,
Take me Boy flani,
Niwe wako wa milele,
Unipende bila mapepe,
We had some good times didnt we?
All the late night partying, Dreams of us marrying,
You, my child carrying,
It hurt you so much didnt it?
To only find out that i was playing,
But i apologize,
For all the dreams that didnt materialize,
For all the promises made,
But never kept,
For all the nights i crept,
You got tired of waiting,
So you slept,
You findin it deep in your heart, To forgive me,
Is what am hoping and praying,

Hey Katrina,
My light skinned ballerina, Mtoto wa geti kali,
Walidhani nlikuwa nawe sabu ya mali,
But you loved a brother na haukujali,
Unakumbuka nikikupikia,
Your favourite dish,
Kuku na wali?
Na ukinipromise,
Ku-pressure your dad,
Ati ndio anibaie gari?
Mbona nkakuwacha?
Hilo ndilo swali,
How i wish i could answer that, Remember me walking out,
You dont know how much i regret it,
I look back,
And deeply wish i could censor that,

How you holdin on dear,
I write this,
And rubber stamp these words, With a regretful kiss,
My left eye,
Covered in a painful tear,
The sweetest girl i ever met,
So loving, So caring,
You had me in a trance,
Just glaring, And admiring,
You, Your body,
And everything about you,
To this day,
I still have no clue,
Why i hurt you so bad,
But just know that am glad,
That you are no longer mad, That you have moved on,
And no longer sad,
I wish you all the best,
You and your new man Richard,

So many girls,  Some so innocent,
Kama kina Stacy na Milicent, Others all so naive,
Kama kina Sheilla na Eve,
Wengine all so shy,
Kama kina Kimberly na Sly, Wengine just drop dead gorgeous,
Kama ule siz ya kina Tobias, Wengine just not quite so,
Kama kina Triza na Mo,

Have fallen victim,
To my playful ways,
But am changed now,
I have turned my life around, And showed my back,
To my playful days,

For all the hearts i broke,
My sincerest apologies,
For all the dreams i killed,
My deepest condolescences,
I was lost and misguided,
But am now back to my senses.

(c) BOY flani KURTANGA


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