Sinner/ Saint?

You shame and spit
You name and blame
You chant and rant

You think am proud
Of my act
You think I laud
Others of my character
I ain’t
And I don’t
But faced by the same again
I would do it again.

Yes I would still get rid
Of a foetus
An impetus
Of doom
The executioner
Of my career
An unplanned for creature
An unwanted feature
In the father’s life

Halt your ranting
And quit your chanting
If I brought the infant
To your saintly abode
Would you welcome it?
Or would you close your door On its needy face?

If I halted my studies
And lived in the streets
With it
Would you clothe us?
Would you feed us?
Would you shelter us?
Or would you
Squash my attempt
To provide
By hawking handkerchiefs?

How you judge
How you moan
The loss
Of a prospective president
Or likely lawyer genius gynie Perfect pilot
Energitic engineer
Who knows
What I saved the world from Maybe an Ominous Osama.

Retrospect I am not proud
Of my act
But the foetus
Was a victim
Of circumstances
Am a victim too
But I refuse
To carry this cross
To earn your lip-service respect.

Throw stones
Hangmen of my name
Judge all you want
You whose eyes have no logs
But I I leave it to the Almighty
To declare me
Sinner or saint.

By Stacy Njagi.


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