Daily Inspiration

Many a times I look around in search of a happy moment. I sit down and stare into the past trying to recall, reminiscent of what’s already gone just for the mere excuse of looking for a smile.

Many are the times we toil days with no end in search of contentment. We go to work every morning to search for that extra coin, we stroll in parks in search of a magical moment, we stare at that picture of that person who complements us in every way…

But we fail to realize that our happiness lies in the happiness of others. We forget that nothing brings more contentment and a sense of achievement than making another person smile. Changing the life of another being for the better is the epitome of human achievement. I think that’s why Jesus said that loving our neighbors more than we love ourselves was and still is the greatest commandment.

Make someone smile today and if you don’t smile in return, send me an email and I will tell you why.


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