It was love in the fast lane, Funny how you always,
Did drive me crazy,
Without a car,
Or even a plane,
You would fall asleep,
On top of me,
And i would wake up by your side,
Never really knew,
Where the journey was taking us, But we damn sure enjoyed the ride,
And somewhere along the way, I
had hoped that,
Your heart,
Would offer me a place to reside,

I lived for you,
You would die for me,
I would kill for you,
And when push came to shove, Blood,
Sweat and tears,
Would be spilt for you,
Time would stand still with you, Words alone,
Couldnt express,
What i felt for you,
You were my fire,
And my heart,
Would melt for you,
Even when you drove too fast,
I would never slow you down, But rather,
Simply strap on the seatbelt for you,

My Juliet,
My Snowhite,
To you,
I would surrender,
Without a fight,
I would hold you close,
Infront of a firing squad,
And whisper in your ear,
That all will be alright,

I was always ready to give,
You never even needed to ask, Always playing with fire,
Always living on the edge,
You had a beach house in my head,
And a villa in my bed,

Right from our first encounter,
I knew right away,
That you were going to be my lover,
So we exchanged digits,
And planned future visits,
And that night,
I just couldnt sleep,
All i could think about,
Was your beautiful smile,
I could see us exchanging vows, And fantasized of walking you down the aisle,

Love at first sight,
I had met my Kryptonite,
My Mrs. Right,
Loving you,
Was all i ever wanted to do,
I would get nightmares, Imagining a life without you,

Before you loved me,
I was but a nothing,
It was your love,
That made me a something,
The air i needed to keep breathing,
Promised me,
That you would never,
Leave my heart grieving,

At the sight of you,
My heart would stop,
With just a touch,
My whole body would freeze, And with just a kiss,
I would drop on my knees, Hands in the air,
And surrender,
My all to you,

In your arms,
I found comfort,
Besides you,
I found peace,
The love ship,
Had finally docked,
At my port,
I would rather hang myself,
I would rather be deceased, Than risk losing you,
To someone else,
I would rather,
Be confined,
In the depths of hell,
Pen and pad in hand,
Reciting these poems to the demons,
Than be alive,
And risk settling,
For these other women,

I would sit and wonder,
Why my heart did choose you, Coz i never really,
Shook the feeling,
That one day i will lose you,
To who or what,
I really didnt know,
I just felt deep inside me,
That one fateful day,
I will be forced to let go,

So, Why,
Did we say goodbye my love? We were supposed,
To be forever and always,
In love,
And under the man above,

Why did we,
Let go that easily?
We should have fought,
For our love much more vehemently,
You should have held abit tighter,
You should have stayed,
Just alittle bit longer,
You should have given a brother, Abit more time,
To sort things out,
And clear up his mind,

What we had was beautiful,
What we had was special,
And to give it up,
Just like that,
Without a fight,
Walk out and never look back, Dont you think,
It was abit harsh?
Dont you think,
That maybe,
Just maybe,
Your decision was rash?

Courtesy of Boy Flani Kurtanga.

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