The right wingman

The Deal

Ever seen a woman so flawlessly beautiful, you immediately start looking for flaws in her if only to humanize her. Anything! Bad breath. Nakuru stained teeth. Meru accent. A decidedly uncool Facebook name such as Shiks Kapienga Msupuest. May be she has a child. Or she burps in your presence. Or she sneezes so hard, some mucus pours out of her nostrils, runs over on the upper roof of her lip, and she doesn’t have a handkerchief, you have to pass her a serviette. Better still, if there is no serviette, she has to use the inner part of her blouse to wipe it out. Anything!

That is the kind of woman who was sitting across me, this past Saturday. So beautiful, it was a dream. You want to cast her in a movie and no matter how shitty the script is, it will be one of the most memorable…

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