Of Turning Stones and Conducting Investigations – The True Picture of Government Deception..


The late George Muchai at a past press conference.

The murder of Kabete Member of parliament George Muchai, his driver and two bodyguards points a finger to a vulnerable security system that not once or twice but on dozen occasions has failed us terribly robbing us of a promising crop of leaders and service by great Kenyan countrymen and women.

Day in day out questions emerge as to how effective the current security apparatus is to protect all Kenyans from Members of parliament to those helpless street children who depend on footbridges and flyovers for a grain of sleep.

What irks most Kenyans is the fact that after every bloody murder spectacle, the government comes out, loudly rebuking the act and shamelessly promising to turn every stone in the race to bring to book the minds behind the senseless acts of aggression.


The Westgate Mall in Nairobi during the terrorist attack.

From the Westgate terrorist act to the latest murder, the government has been out and about fuelling its public relations train of endless rhetoric characterized by a riff raff of threats whose implications never see the light of day.

Taking the Westgate attack as a case study, Kenyans stood as one, rebuked the attack with so much passion shedding an ocean of tears in a show of solidarity with the families of those that were maimed by the terrorist bullets or those that were unlucky to succumb to their injuries.

We allowed doctors to pierce our veins in an effort to give blood to save the lives of the hundreds that were injured.

The least that the government of the day could have done was set up a task force to investigate what went wrong during the operation to flush out the instigators of the violence. That could have at least shown us that they give a hoot about the lives of Kenyans.

We as Kenyans have become so much used to the concept of offering condolence messages portraying us as a lot that have resigned to the sorry state of security we survive in.

What does it take to just investigate a murder and report back to the electorate that brought you to power? This is a question that has been asked by so many Kenyans that they are yet to get an answer to.

I believe we have a free media that has an obligation to it’s consumers to report to us what really happens through thoroughly done, factual investigative pieces.

There was a time we boasted of the above for example in the investigative piece dubbed “Paruwanja la Mihadarati” done by Mohammed Ali, a KTN investigative journalist. He performed his duty to society so impeccably that by the end of the piece, he had breathed some life into the art of investigative journalism.

After that, I don’t know what happened for what followed thereafter were shoddilly done pieces that raised more questions than they gave answers to. The hyped alleged expose’ of what/who killed former minister George Saitoti,


The late George Saitoti

his assistant Orwa Ojode,


The late Orwa Ojode

their bodyguards and the pilot in a helicopter in June of 2012 was just a statement that told kenyans what they already knew.

‘Moha’ as Kenyans proudly call him has done some great pieces but of late his work has been wanting. In the place that the government leaves a void, ordinary Kenyans expect the media to tell them what no one else can in an unedited version.

Unfortunately, when the stakes are a bit high, the media has been known to recoil into its cocoon of cowardice leaving Kenyans second guessing what truly happens in the corridors of theft, corruption, murder and land grabbing.

Nonetheless, I believe the government has reached a point where it has no right to promise anything to the ordinary Kenyan. Promises of investigation and turning stones from the government are just as blank as the wind as far as content is concerned.

We have reached a point where we already have an idea of what the government will say once one or several of our countrymen are butchered on our Sovereign soil.

Since childhood, I was taught that I should never promise something that I have no intention of delivering on. Does it mean that my grandmother was misinformed by offering that priceless piece of advice to me?

Why can’t they just do a thorough investigation for once and tell us who killed Muchai and his aides. What of Odinga’s son?


The late Fidel Odinga

And Mutula Kilonzo? And George Thuo?


The late George Thuo

What of Saitoti and Ojode? Can’t they just tell us who shot those Muslim clerics?

From this moment ahead, I would wish government projects and investigations to be like music videos – to be launched and released AFTER completion.

Too much noise and NO action is what we all are tired of.
Top government officials should just offer condolence messages and leave the ‘investigations and turning stones’ part to the police.
By including that in their statements, we are tempted to hold onto their word that something will be done later to be disappointed after some other murder occurs which is then followed by the same phrase only in different wording.

A real man is one who keeps his word. That’s the indelible mark of honor. If you say you will do it, you only have one option; to obey your word to the last letter by delivering on your promise.
If you know you can’t, just shut up and leave those grieving to grieve in peace without placing unnecessary hope that you will bring to book the perpetrators of violence against their loved ones.


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