You’re Grateful…


I am not a talker, but talking to you is something that never bores me,
Am not a stalker, but I will follow you miles with no end,
I am not a playa, but nitaingia EPL just to see you smile,
I am not a do it all kind of guy, but I will do it all and more for you beautiful.

I am sorry I didn’t say this sooner,
Anytime I looked at you my mind went blank,
And my throat went dry,
And my eyes became teary,
And numbness occupied my whole body.

I could have told you how I liked looking into your eyes,
Or how that smile made my voice shaky,
Or how your confidence make the world lively,
I could have told you how much your beauty meant to the world,
I didn’t but I am telling you now. Amn’t I?

You’re the epitome of success,
A girl that has her act together,
The life of the night not being  your thing,
Youve embraced the light that illuminates my path,
You’re a God fearing princess,
A focused and honest personality,
What else would I ask for?

I might want so much,
Desire to hold your hand and disappear into the horizons,
I might want to look into you,
And embrace the warmth your body radiates,
I might want and want,
Desire and be burnt by the longing,
I hope you look at me similarly…

You’re loyal, you’re grateful,
You’re smart, you’re graceful,
You’re funny, you’re blissful,
You’re unique, you’re beautiful,
You’re honest, you’re prayerful,…

Did I tell you about the past few nights?
How I woke up with your name sown across my lips?
Did I tell you about my dreams?
How you and I smiled during all that trip to the Maldives?
Did I tell you of my days in the past week?
How every girl I saw, I wished it was you?
How after every corner I hoped I could bump into you?

I am leaving soon,
I am going to make a future for you, I and hopefully our kin,
I hope the you part will be you by my side through sickness and smiling,
I hope the you person will be you happy, hearty and healthy,
I hope the you part will be by me through the journey and keep my life neat in the destination.


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