“Al Shabaab… Get On With It”, Kenyan facebookers on plan to blow up parliament.

So Al Shabaab is contemplating on blowing up the Kenyan Parliament? The most shocking of this revelation is that Kenyans on Facebook seem to be in full support of the plan. They think the Al shabaab should get on with it and leave the building on  the ground. When did it come to this? When did hatred for these legislators soar to such chocking heights?

But I understand where the Kenyan people are coming from. Kenyan MPs are mean and greedy and selfish and self centered. They only think about their welfare with no thought crossing their mind of the welfare of the electorate that elected them to office. One they are bestowed the title “honorable”, everything else matters less and the journey becomes one of amassing wealth for their cronies and families leaving the voter to survive on less than a dollar a day.

From begging for votes with endless promises to having one on one conversations with the poorest in the villages, they transform overnight to these senseless heartless monsters who care more about the number of guards they should be cordoned by other than the source of fees for that hopeless orphan back in their areas of legislation.

Kenyan legislators are animals whose words hold no honor.

So I will not rush to judge the numerous number of people wishing the worst for these legislators for they have so many issues , hatred, pain and bitterness brewing deep within their system thanks to these members of parliament.

From irresponsible utterances to common disregard of the welfare of the Kenyan people – these MPs are best characterized as beings who lack the human compassion that differentiates us from other savages out in the wild.

Here are some of the messages…


The above messages should tell the legislators that something is terribly wrong. When fellow countrymen wish that the militant group should blow you up to pieces, you should rethink your strategy and do it hard.

Killing innocent people will always be wrong whether backed by religion or otherwise.


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