Just Accept That You’re Losers..


Politics is about survival. It’s about hanging in there long enough to see the next administration. Politics is about choices. Choices of who to back, who to backstab, who to turn a blind eye on and most important of all who to believe in.

Before the 2013 general elections the west coined the phrase ‘ choices have consequences’. Not that they didn’t have previously but they thought it was important to remind the Kenyan electorate of something they lived with days with no end. Immediately after the results were announced and after the Supreme Court theatrics, we came up with our own phrase that losers should ‘accept and move on…’

A great man once said that so many people are so obsessed with history that they churn pages with no end trying to find their place in it without putting much effort in changing it or better still making it. This is the same crop of individuals that is so content with the status quo that any idea of challenging it’s eligibility is the effect of naive optimism.

If one wants to survive politically, they have to differentiate who to text from who to call. They have to know which calls shouldn’t be returned and those that shouldn’t be missed in the first place. Politics is about scheming, manipulating and staying on top of the relevance sheet.

Unlike politicians who on many occasions than not get away with stupid decisions and alliances, business people lack this leeway. When you’re a businessman, you have to know which side of the table you have to sit on. The trick here is that you have to be damn sure that that’s where you will find yourself after the ballots are cast. Making a blunder on this is catastrophic.

You see, politics is all about winning and winning. You might compromise a loss once but unless you’re as scheming as Frank is, it usually is costly. Winning is the jackpot because no matter how strong of an opposition you and your fellow losers form, the house on the hill will always be inhabited by winners.

The presidential seal, the parade, the presidential limo, the power and prestige that comes with the office, the titles… No one will give a damn how strong the opposition is or how good they are at shouting marches because they are of so little relevance when it comes to the governing of a country.

Why do you think the president will be celebrated everywhere he steps foot on? Because he is the President.

No one will give a hoot about the leader of opposition when Mr President is around. That’s just the way it is.

Where do you think the terms water melon, moles, etc came from? They were necessitated by the fact that those referred to by them new ultimately that being part of the ruling elite rather than those that sat on the sidewalks as action happened was and still is the real deal. They knew and accepted that being there was more important than being nowhere. It didn’t matter how demeaning the terms were but they were and still are willing to carry on the tags.

So, if you can’t aim highest, aim nowhere. The saying that a half a bread is better than none is just crap.

The heart can’t choke the mind because all the blood ultimately flows back into it. The same way the opposition will never matter just because the term ‘losers’ will always be associated with it.

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