Why ‘Sonko’ will be the next Nairobi Governor.

The flamboyant former Makadara Member of Parliament who has risen the ranks to become the First Senator of Nairobi City County is a man loved and loathed in equal measure.

Gideon Mike Mbuvi aka Sonko is a leader of charisma who seems to be followed by controversy everywhere he steps foot in. From gun drama involving his bodyguards to a blinged personality to souped up limos to newly weds, this man is a man passionate about the little things he holds important.

If I can recall correctly, Sonko is the only senator who was voted in overwhelmingly by all across the political divide. Maybe it was because of the poor opponent he faced in Wanjiru but still maybe it’s because the electorate reckoned, identified and acknowledged with him in a way no one else could.

To his detractors, Sonko is an abrasive leader with no clue of what leadership truly is. I remember a popular radio personality saying that the Nairobi people elected a street boy for a senator. To these people who will never see eye to eye with Mbuvi, he is a man whose integrity has been compromised time and again. They look at him as an overated individual keen on denting the office he holds and that of the presidency which he is obviously close to.

News about his intentions to run for Governor come 2017 didn’t come as a surprise to me. He is a crowd mover who became a Senator after only 2 years in politics. Sonko is a scheming politician whose focus has always been on the price.

Let me tell you why he will win come 2017.

As it is currently, the most people talking of how unfit Sonko is for holding public office are the middle class. Those who wake up everyday to go to their middle income jobs which commence at 8 all through to 4 or 5 in the evening. These are the people who are famously referred to as ‘Keyboard Warriors’ because of their endless noises behind computer keyboards and phone keypads.

This is the generation of characters who have endless social media accounts all aimed at bashing the government on its poor delivery of pre election pledges and the endless promises it broke. They are the people who will keep blurbing of how shameless sonko is for joining hawker demonstrations against victimization and harassment by County Askaris forgetting that unlike them, these hawkers will on that chilly election date be the first to cast their votes for this great man who fights for their wars.

When this middle class generation is wasting all it’s time complaining of government reluctance to deal with corruption, these people who sonko is always fighting for are in registration centers being registered as voters.

Several people keep asking why Sonko is so keen on giving handouts rather than helping these people in starting small forms of sustainable livelihoods support systems. I used to ask the same question until I realized that these people that depend so much on these are on the verge of hopelessness with no other support system.

Most of the people who will always say Sonko tosha are those in the low income bracket who see Sonko as their angel in human disguise.

If you were walking in town and heard that Sonko anapeana 200 bob mahali, Would you stand on the queue waiting for your day with the 200 shillings? i bet not. This is because you are able to sustain yourself or rather you have ‘more important things to do.’ But bear me witness that there is a kenyan who has no option but to wait patiently for it. Not because he has nothing else to do but because he has no other option. Can you blame sonko for that?

This guy’s family was to sleep hungry but because Sonko was there to give him 200 bob, the unfortunate has been averted. Will he ever forget that? i bet not. Come election date, its not rocket science that this guy won’t vote for Kidero.

You whose life isn’t being touched by sonko in any way will continue to question the source of his wealth but to that family depending on Sonko for food, payment of medical bills, assistance by the Sonko rescue team Mike Mbuvi will always be the best if not the only option.

Come 2017, Sonko will be elected Governor. Not because he will be the most perfect candidate but because he knows his electorate well and he cushions them from their day to day struggles.

You will awaken from your stupor only to accept and move on!

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